Socket & See DLMPRO Multifunction Tester

Socket & See DLMPRO Multifunction Tester


Socket & See Electrical Testing Equipment DLMPRO

The DLM PRO is a combined AC/DC Voltmeter, Continuity, Socket and Earth Loop Impedance tester.


  • Volts AC 0-500V, 40-200Hz
  • Volts DC 0-500V
  • Continuity Tester 0-2m
  • Socket Wiring Tester
  • Mains Voltage Check
  • No trip Earth loop Impedance Check
  • Clear and Simple LCD display
  • Auto Null function
  • Hazardous Voltage present warning LED
  • Auto switch off function for battery preservation
  • Fabric Carrying Case
  • 4mm Test Leads and SS130 Socket Adapter

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* Includes FREE hard Protection Case 

Please choose from Stealth Black or Space Orange


  • £249.00

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