Socket And See VIP Pro Kit

Socket And See VIP Pro Kit


Socket & See VIP Pro Kit

The Socket & See VIP Pro is a professional two pole voltage tester. It incorporates a number of features which make using the tester safer and easier to use.

Included in the Kit is a Socket & See SP200 Proving Unit. This makes the kit comply to industry standard safe isolation practices by providing a way to verify proper operation of the voltage tester, before and after use.

VIP Pro has unique twin (side by side) colour coded voltage LED’s giving extremely clear and easy to read voltage indication. The probe comply fully to the UK HSE GS38 probe tip requirements ensuring full safety compliance at all times.

The new ergonomic design is extremely easy and comfortable to hold and is suitable for use with Gauntlets/PPE equipment if required. The durable double insulated ultra flexible cable helps prevent tangles and the generous 1.4m cable length gives the operator greater flexibility in use.

  • £86.64